ADL is a long-time established resource for artists in all mediums. The site lists upcoming art competitions, exhibitions, and other opportunities around the world that allow artists to maximize their earning potential. The site features a free Web list, a premium paid members only site, and a free email Newsletter that provides even more listings which are sent directly to user’s inboxes. is also an advertising opportunity for businesses that want to expand their reach and be seen by thousands of artists across the world.

I have been working with Richard Gardner, owner of since October of 2012. I have helped him with debugging preexisting back-end software and server issues, as well as developing new tools to help him run his business more efficiently. Some of the projects I have finished for him include:

  • Custom sorting capabilities for the WordPress-based premium site
  • Conversion tracking for PPC Advertising campaigns
  • Created an ad builder for advertiser clients to more efficiently create and pay for their high-placement listings
  • Built a members list management system aimed at battling attrition and increasing member retention
  • Created a system that allows Richard to update his free list using plain text only

Many of these projects have required versatile and robust data validation techniques that often go overlooked in systems where data input is more streamlined. These tasks have been challenging and have taught me a lot about how diverse input data can be when the source of that input is a human. The techniques I have learned will only serve to enhance the data integrity of future projects.

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