Will Blog for Clicks

Before I go any further, I want to say please do not click any ads on this site unless you are actually interested in what is being offered. False interest drives down my value as a publisher and it does not do anyone any good. What? Why panhandle for clicks if I do not really want them? I suppose I am just poking a little fun at the vast majority of blog and review websites out on the internet these days.

No matter what search term you type into Google you are guaranteed to have pages and pages of results returned to you with nothing but commentary about why you need product x or y. If you are lucky, you may find a site that actually has the information you are looking for, but it is usually re-hashed, re-written and sandwiched between adsense ads and clickbank products. Do not get me started on the in-text Kontera style trick links.

I myself am guilty of all of these things, but I cannot help thinking it is the internet equivalent to holding a cardboard sign on the street and begging for spare change. The goal of every webpage, blog-post and even status update should be to provide some value to the people receiving the content. From now on:



If you do not have enough information to have 10 pages on your topic, don’t waste your time or money developing junk content. Instead, try creating 1 or 2 high-quality pages that are worth your reader’s time. If you provide value, eventually it will be shared enough that you will get the backlinks needed to be number one in Google.


Status Updates

I really do not need to know that you just brushed your teeth. I personally just like to assume that you do that every day and I enjoy taking that fact for granted. If you stub your toe, I am sorry, but I am not in any position to kiss it and make it feel better. Most of all, I do not need to know when you are bored. You being bored is really boring to read about and I am not going to entertain you unless you say something that interests me. Therefore, whether you are posting updates to market your product or communicate with friends, keep in mind your updates are not the only updates people are sifting through.

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