Osama Bin Laden Dies on May Day, Obama’s numbers Skyrocket!

Well, the death of Osama Bin Laden could not have come at a better time for our President. Just a few weeks ago, it was clear we would be rid of Obama come next election, but with the well-timed death of America’s arch nemesis, we may be looking at 4 more years of back-alley bankster deals and the further installation of socialism in America.

I would really love to think that we did it. I would love to think that we killed the guy responsible for 911, but I can’t be alone in seeing the political theater at play here. Not too long ago, the positive PR wheels kicked into high gear with the release of a still questionable birth certificate and now the plot thickens with a well-timed, superhero-like victory over the evil Osama Bin Laden.



Obamas effect on the economy

  • Is this going to make everyone forget the effect this presidency and the last has had on our pocketbooks and our freedoms?

I really hope people make the effort and take the time in this upcoming election to turn away from the sensationalism. Disconnect from the candidates that the mass media powerhouse are shoving down our throats and study the underdogs. Don’t listen to what reporters say about the candidates, do your own research.



  • It is not throwing your vote away to vote for someone that is not being supported by the media.

Instead, look at the candidates’ voting records. Watch independent videos of them speaking before congress. Find out what the candidates really stand for. If you got the information easily—if what you know came from a debate organized by a news network, a campaign ad, or commentary from any media personality, then you do not know enough to make up your mind.

At the end of Obama’s speech he made a point to rally the country citing 911 and the “sense of unity” that we all felt after those events. But do not forget what that sense of unity really got us. It led to the reelection of George W. Bush and the accelerated loss of individual freedoms and privacy. That is, in my opinion the real goal of this timely victory over the leader of Al’Qaeda.

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