Big Brother Google is Watching you 1984 Poster


There just aren’t enough Google parodies of 1984 so I decided to come up with a revised poster for the movie based on George Orwell’s 1984.… More


Anonymous Browsing with the Tor Browser Bundle

The Tor browser bundle is a free tool for anonymous browsing. It is very useful and works extremely well to protect your identity, however, it is important to note that it is not without its own risks and should not be used without following a few precautions.… More


Keep Your VPN Connected When You Need it Using VPNCheck Pro

VPN Check Pro is a very useful and lightweight program that ensures your VPN stays connected at all times. But the real benefit is that should your VPN connection be severed, it can be configured to close down other software that you may not want running when your connection becomes unsecure.… More


How to Choose the Best VPN Service

Never use a free VPN Service. VPNs cost money to maintain and if you are not paying them for the service, then they are making money by selling information about you. There is no such thing as free, and using “free” VPN defeats the purpose of using one.… More


Use CCleaner to Destroy Accumulated Cookies and Trackers

No matter how hard you try to avoid downloading cookies, you will inevitably let a few trackers slip by. Some websites that you’ll need to use will not work correctly unless you allow them to run scripts and push cookies onto your machine.… More