How should you think about defining classes? the best approach is to think of a class as having a primary responsibility and to make that responsibility as singular and focused as possible. Put the responsibility into words. It has been said that you should be able to describe a class’s responsibility in 25 words or less, rarely using the words “and” or “or.” If your sentence gets too long or mired in clauses, it is probably time to consider defining new classes along the lines of some of the responsibilities you have described.… More



KeAndra Begay is a freelance photographer/makeup artist who required an elegant portfolio that would complement her artwork without competing with it for dominance. This simple responsive design allows her work to take center stage on both desktop and handheld devices.… More



SRI Press is the publications division of Statistical Research, Inc., and is the company’s primary source of online book sales.
SRIPress.com is a WordPress-based shopping cart. During development, search engine optimization was given careful consideration. As a result, SRIPress.com is currently outranking Amazon.com for many critical keywords, including both full and partial book titles.… More



Artdeadlineslist.com is a long-time established resource for artists in all mediums. The site lists upcoming art competitions, exhibitions, and other opportunities around the world that allow artists to maximize their earning potential. The site features a free Web list, a premium paid members only site, and a free email Newsletter that provides even more listings which are sent directly to user’s inboxes.… More



Example responsive sales lead generation site that allows WordPress site owners to receive cost estimates by email from one or more freelance Web Developers